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About Us

Welcome to Zane's Mall of Comedy.  Unless you stand while you explore this site your feet should not hurt.  Maybe you'll drop a book on your feet or someone steps on them or.... well.... you've got a medical problem that causes your feet to hurt.......In that case sorry.  Explore the site.  You might distract yourself enough to forget the pain.

Here is a bit about Us......well Me and the site I've built and what my plans for it are.

Before I tell you the more general stuff let me tell you that this is now Zane's Mall of Comedy.  The regular mall is still accessible from the homepage or by clicking the following link:    Zane's Mall -- The regular part

Zane's Mall of Comedy is a site where you can find out about all kinds of comedy on television.  You can find out about your favorite sitcoms, stand up comedians, variety shows, talk shows, and more.  You can submit your jokes, pictures, and videos.

You can check out Zane's Humor......my humor.  I want people to learn and relive the good times as well as learn things they might not know about newer comedy.  I have funny videos all over the place.  I have links to games that are based on shows or celebrities.  There is a lot to see and I will add a lot more. 

There's enough to worry about so my site gives you a way to escape from some of that and not get arrested .....  well I'm sure you could find a way to get in trouble but you can have fun without breaking the law.

To be more accurate the title for this page should be "About Me" .  I do have people giving me ideas that I am implementing in a small or large way.  I will give credit for submissions.  People have told me to push this and pull that and move this here and move that there.  My plan is to have a website for anyone.  

The Regular Mall

Think of a real mall.  Everyone can go there and have a great time by visiting a variety of stores, restaurants, and more.  Just like in a mall there are things that are just for adults.  There are theatres in malls and there are movies in those theatres that are for certain crowds.  

On this site there is something for everyone.  If you are under 18 well I hope you are not looking at the pages meant for people over 18 or the pages that might be for some and not for others.  

The internet should be mainly for people over 18 and people under 18 should be using the internet with adult supervision.  I don't want to lose any visitors here so if you want to stay out of trouble just watch for warnings on pages that might be.....well......sensitive.

Okay more about us......I mean me.  People have told me to make a site about one thing and focus on just that.  Well I love malls.  You know why?  Well, in a mall you have products, services, entertainment, information, and more.  That is what I want to provide for all who visit the site.

There is information on all kinds of comedy, including sitcoms, comedians, and comedy shows in general.  I have a buy and sell area for you to ..... well....buy and sell stuff.  There is a real estate section where you can get information on buying and selling property.  I can also connect you with excellent real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and more.

I have information on food, including restaurants, groceries and general food advice.  You can access online flyers for No Frills, Metro, Food Basics, Walmart, and more. 

You can get general information on the malls in Toronto and a direct link to their websites.

If you're looking for work well you should go to the employment section .  You can find links to some of the major job search websites and get some general advice from me......and some real experts.   I have to find some experts who will work for free or peanuts......Maybe you know an elephant who can type.

Anyway ......  There is a lot of stuff to explore, including games .  Go to the mall map to get a list of every page on this site.  See all the pages.  The more pages you explore the closer you will get to the meaning of life......well you'll get a giggle and maybe learn a thing or three. 




How the site got to where it is now


Below is a bit of history and a look to the future of this website.


Thanks for visiting and remember you are always welcome here.  

You can sit and sip a coffee with a friend or you can spend your life savings but visit often.





Generally I film promotions dvds for people selling real estate and I film special events, mostly informal.

Television Comedy

I watch a lot of television and not just passively.  I know why I like shows and I know why I hate shows.  The same goes for celebrities.

The Merger

Where am I going with this?  Well I had a site exclusively about television comedy and I had a site exclusively dealing with mall stuff.  By mall stuff I mean almost anything you would see at a mall I deal with.  I take suggestions.

I Fainted

A few months ago I got the bill for hosting my comedy site and then I got a bill for hosting my mall site.  After I got enough strength to pick myself up off the floor I decided that I could have two sites or I could have one site and eat.  I decided to put the comedy in the mall and here we are.

Filming Part 2

On this site I have some of the stuff I've filmed and over time I will try to get all my filming projects onto the site.  Please enjoy the video and give me feedback on my work.  I am available to film promotion video for people selling real estate, informal birthday parties, communions, baptisms, and other similar items.  Ask me.  The promotion video for real estate includes a dvd for you to show in your home when people visit.  You also give the potential buyers a link to a video clip on my site that can be accessed 24 hours a day.  So if people want to remember what they saw they can, anytime.  Compare that to buyers forgetting what they saw and moving on to another house even though your house could be the one for them.  You should do what it takes to get the maximum price for your home and you should do what you can to sell it quickly.  Having a video for them to review can help make your buyer(s) decision for them.

The Mall with Comedy for Dessert --well now the mall is the dessert --- Okay so the mall isn't well kept...the regular one.....The comedy mall is fun and exciting and always being updated.  If you're confused you're normal.  Just enjoy the comedy and then see if you can find the regular mall.

For those who have been with us since the beginning and for the new visitors --  the link to the regular mall on this page is probably the only reliable one left.  It's like those secrets on dvds.  Enjoy it all.

To summarize :

The main focus of this site is comedy so it's called Zan'e Mall of Comedy.

The regular mall gives you information about stuff you might find in a mall.

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