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Angela Anaconda

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Angela Anaconda

Category: Canadian made cartoon

Category: cartoon

Category: all ages

Episodes: 57

Angela Anaconda is about the adventures of an eight-year-old girl named Angela, who has nutty brothers, odd friends, and has a fake-French girl nemesis named Nanette Manoir. Angela gets into a lot of trouble that other children do and sometimes she gets into trouble that no one would get into. The visual method is similar to regular cartoons but more realistic looking. I found out that they call it cutout animation. The characters are caricaturized pictures of the characters. The characters walk around and generally move as if they were puppets on strings and they have facial expressions.

The show, Angela Anaconda, is very entertaining for kids and adults enjoy it too.....I know I'm not the only one. The show teaches good values and makes you giggle and laugh all in one show.

I started watching some shows on television mainly because they are Canadian and I have not regretted this for most shows. I will try to make a good list and bad list later but for now let me tell you more reasons why you should watch this show, in or out of the closet.

The show is created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose. The people who do the voices are: Sue Rose, Richard binsley, Kevin Duhaney, Edward Glen, Jonathan Malen, Bryn McAuley, Alik Mukaddam, Ruby Smith-Merovitz, and Robert Tinkler.

The original running period of the show was October 9, 1999 to February 24, 2002. The show aired on the Fox Family Channel (now called ABC Family) in the U.S.

Originally Angela Anaconda began as a short skit on the Nickelodeon show Kablam! It later became a series and was a hit on Fox Family Channel from 1999 to 2001. In 2001 Disney bought the Fox Family Channel and changed the network's name to ABC Family. Angela Anaconda was moved and cancelled after two months. In 2004 the show aired reruns on Nickelodeon but was removed about a month later.

The show was created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose. They also created Fido Dido. Sue Rose created Disney's Pepper Ann. The show was produced by Decode Entertainment and C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures. It also airs on Teletoon in Canada. The art style in Angela Anaconda can be compared to Terry Gilliam's animation from Monty Python's Flying Circus, in which all the characters are made out of cutouts of black and white photographs.



Bryn McAuley   (Gina Lash (3 episodes 2002-2003))

Al Mukadam      (Johnny Abatti (3 episodes 2002-2003)

Ruby Smith-Merovitz   (Nanette Manoir (3 episodes 2002-2003))

Kevin Duhaney   (Jimmy Jamal (2 episodes 2002-2003))

Edward Glen   (Gordy Rhinehart (2 episodes 2002-2003))

Susan Rose    (Angela Anaconda (2 episodes 2002-2003))

Chris Britton    (2000)

Richard Binsley    (Mrs. Brinks)

Jackie Burroughs

Allegra Fulton

Olivia Garratt

Julie Lemieux

Jonathan Malen    (Ray Wu)

Diego Mtamoros 

Cailin Munroe   (Face Model : Gordy Rhinehart)

Annick Obonsawin

Cara Pifko

Wayne Robson

Ron Rubin

Sarah Ruddle   (Face Model: Mrs. Brinks)

Robert Tinkler   (Uncle Nicky)



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Angela Anaconda 

Angela is an eight-year old, freckle-faced, little girl.  Here nemesis is Nanette Manoir, a rich girl who misuses or mispronounces French phrases or words.  She is always trying to get Angela in trouble but fails.  Angela imagines Nanette getting in trouble and we get to see her thoughts when she thinks up an idea.  Angela says things in a more complicated way then necessary but she sounds interesting when she does.

Gina Lash

Gina Lash Gina Lash is Angela's best friend. She is the smartest kid in third grade. She is very smart but she always gets involved in whatever craziness her friends are up to. She is an eater. She eats more than an adult would. Nanette bribes her with her gourmet chef's cooking. Gina's favourite food is Abatti's Pizza, cinnamon swirls, and Tastee Swirl ice cream. She is in love with the Tastee Swirl mascot. Gina is comfortable with her appearance. Gina has a pet turtle who loves carrots.

Johnny Abatti

Johnny is a good but dim-witted Italian kid. His grandmother, Nona, and Uncle Nicky take care of him when he's not in school. Johnny's personality is Elvis like. Nanette is always flirting with him. He gets invited to events at the Manoirs and usually brings Gina, Angela Anaconda, and Gordy along. They usually don't want to go. Johnny doesn't openly express his affection for Angela but gets jealous if others approach her. Like many boys his age Johnny picks his nose and shoots spitballs.

Gordy Reinhardt

He is an overly sensitive boy with asthma. He is a hypochondriac and prefers to do safe things like housework or writing poetry rather than risk getting sick or injured. He is skinny and weak whereas his dad is a big ex-Army man and a coach at his school. He has a good relationship with his dad despite the differences in their personalities. Gordy loves animals. His biggest overreaction was in one episode where after seeing an eyelash under a microscope he wore gloves, a face mask, and refused to leave his house. He loves Gina Lash, but she doesn't pay attention to him as much.

Speaking of Gina Lash.....If I forget to put her description up please remind me. I just hit delete instead of eight hundred other buttons so I will have to look back to my notes so I can properly describe her. Thanks. (March 11, 2008) I did add Gina's information in so you don't need to remind me but let's see if I still get reminders.

Nanette Manoir

She is the rich kid in class. There's always one. When I went to high school it was the other way around. I was the poor kid in class......everyone else was rich. I chose the school and for all other reasons I don't regret it. Any way Nini-poo is waiting for me to finish her description. "Wait une seconde Nini-poo" which is French for "Don't bother me Nini-poo". Okay here we go......pretend I'm cracking my knuckles before I type more.....I'll wait......I don't really crack my knuckles but it seems the best piano players and I'm guessing writers do it. ......that is crack their knuckles.

Nanette is the teacher's pet even though she's just an average student. Mrs. Brinks, the teacher is basically wrapped around Nanette's finger. Nanette acts like an angel around adults but is a snobby weasel with Angela Anaconda and her friends. She is totally into her herself. Her family's wealth gives her many advantages. She thinks she's French because her French last name. In conversation she uses badly translated French. She might say things like "pomme de terre" is French for "apple polisher" and Crepes Suzette is French for "overpriced pancake".

Nanette's parents have American accents, possible southern. Nanette wears a French girl's school uniform to school along with a beret. She has poodle named Ooh La La, who is male, and a personal butler named Alfredo. January and Karlene

Angela Anaconda calls them the "Copycat Clone Club". January Cole and Karlene Trainor are Nanette's best friends.....tag alongs. They follow Nanette everywhere. They have bouffant hairdos, preppy clothes, and beauty moles. They use Nanette as an example of fashion excellence. When Nanette makes a statement, January agrees, then Karlene agrees even more. Nanette is their leader but when she was sick they made Angela their leader, partly because she had the high-status job or organizing the school's float in a parade.

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Josephine Praline

She is very religious (Catholic). She appoints herself as the moral guide to all her classmates. She is a nice person who will fight against injustice. She has a confessional booth in the girl's washroom. Everybody likes her. Josephine wants Angela to see the good in Nanette but she herself can't find any good qualities in her.

Candy May

Candy May is a very slow child. She looks like she cut her own hair and wears a shirt with a unicorn decal on it. She often loses her train of thought and rambles on and on. She isn't allowed near sharp objects and loves to play with glitter and paste. Sniff sniff? Slurp, slurp? (Kids might be reading this so don't look for the double entendre. .......Oh go ahead. Enjoy life.)

Mrs. Brinks

She is a by-the-book, except with Nanette and Angela Anaconda, teacher. She has a manly voice and large hands. She has a beehive---haircut that is, underneath which is short hair. She gets tricked into playing favourites, usually in the favour of Nanette, whom she sees as perfect. She has a bias against Angela (ouch, that must hurt). Mrs. Brinks is easily flattered. She thinks Angela is a trouble maker and punishes her for things she didn't do. The punishment is usually clapping chalkboard erasers. Mrs. Brinks husband is Connie Brinks. He is a skinny, weak looking man. It is rumoured that the Mr. and Mrs. Brinks are nudists. E-Mail me to find out if it is true or see the show or just wait a few seconds and I'll type the answer...............................Yeah, it's true and the rumour is confirmed when Angela Anaconda tricks Nanette into going in to the Brinks' backyard.

Other Characters

Gen and Bill Anaconda: Angela Anaconda’s loving parents. Bill is an inventor and Gen is a sculptor. Baby Lulu: Angela’s infant sister. She has the same taste in food as the family dog, King. She can only say bawoon (balloon).

Mark and Derek: Angela Anaconda’s football obsessed older brothers. They’re rather dimwitted and enjoy head-butting each other. They tease Angela often. They are on the football team coached by Gordy Reinhardt's father.

Grandma Lou: Angela Anaconda's Grandma lives in a swamp full of alligators, and even keeps a pet alligator named Barney. She is incredibly energetic, and water skis despite having one artificial leg (to replace the leg eaten by an alligator.) She visits her family in Tapwater every time Barney eats something that belongs to the local sheriff--such as his dog or the tires from his squad car. She's always on lamb, but more likely the lamb is in Barney.

The Manoirs: Mr. Howell Manoir is wealthy businessman. Mrs. Bunny Manoir is a Southern belle trophy wife. Like Nanette, she believes herself to be French.

The Abattis: Grandmother Nona Abatti is the owner of Abatti’s Pizzaria, and is obsessed with beating her rivals, Sabatto’s Pizza. Uncle Nicky an immature man in his thirties. (Yeah ladies, all men are immature at every age. Can I get your phone number? Can I follow you around?) He always wears aviator sunglasses and is usually accompanied by two glamorous women. He seems to have a crush on Gina Lash's mother.

King: King is the Anaconda’s family dog. King is a female with a male name. She could be a terrier or just a mutt. King likes Ooh La La, Nanette's dog. King is very loyal and loving. Ooh La

La: Nanette’s pedigree toy poodle, Ooh La La has had impeccable obedience training and knows many tricks. She still runs away from Nanette often. That is one smart dog. Barney: Grandma Lou's fearsome pet alligator, whom she hatched from an egg. Most people see him as a huge, scaly killer, but to her he's as harmless and cute as a puppy.

Alfredo: The Manoir's sleek-looking butler, he is usually seen driving Nanette around in their limousine or aiding her in various schemes and activities. While he doesn't say much, he seems devoted to the Manoirs and acts as bodyguard to Nanette.

CiCi le Creme Cici is a Parisenne foreign exchange student who lives with the Anacondas She looks like she could be Nanette's twin. Nanette revealed that she too had a foreign exchange student from Sweden (an Angela Anaconda's look-alike) who did not fit in with the Manoirs' elegant lifestyle. The two students switched residences, much to the happiness of both families.

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Prince Abdul Sadin Aballasalidini A wealthy Arab prince who visited Tapwater Springs Elementary for one day. Mrs. Brinks had the students draw straws to see who would be his guide. Angela Anaconda ended up tricking Johnny Abatti with a fake salami and pickle sandwich to get the longest straw. The Prince fell in love with Nanette and was
wasn't happy with Angela. He quickly ditches Angela to be with Nanette and Carlene and January. Coach Reinhardt Coach Reinhardt is the very macho father of Gordy. He is a big sports enthusiast, ex-Army officer and coach of Tapwater High. He loves his son especially because he is artistic and sensitive. Coach Reinhardt secretly coached a professional wrestler to earn enough money to send Gordy to figure skating camp.

Mrs. Lash Mrs. Lash is the beautiful single mother of Gina Lash. She frequently goes on "business trips" with strange men. At one point, Mrs. Lash and Coach Rhinehart had a brief romance, much to the horror of Gordy and Gina.

Jimmy Jamal An African-American boy in Angela Anaconda's class. He is usually playing a hand-held video game. He is the son of the mayor of Tapwater Springs.

Mayor Jamal Mayor Jamal is Jimmy's father.

Mr. Mapperson He is the owner of Mapperson's Bakery. This is where the Tapwater Springs youth hangout. Gina Lash is his favourite customer. When he needed a new face for the Mapperson delivery truck, he held a contest, which all the students fought over. In the end he chose Gina, who never entered the contest in the first place, for her customer loyalty.

Mr. Tasty Swirls He is the is man who drives the ice cream truck around Tapwater Springs in a cone-like outfit. Gina Lash has a crush on him.

Dr. (Miss) Yamagotchi A strong, military sounding Japanese woman with a thick accent. She runs many activities in Tapwater Springs. She has been seen as the tour guide of the museum, head of dog obedience training, driver of a mobile library around Tapwater Springs and the head of the Junior Rangerette's, the Girl Scouts-like troop that the young girls of Tapwater Springs belong to. So is that Yamagotchi or Tamagotchi?

E-Mail me at zany1968@sympatico.ca with any questions or general feedback.

I'm not all-knowing; I just think I am.

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